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  • What happens if it rains during the installation of my roof?
    We monitor the weather very, very closely so surprise rain rarely happens. Besides, we will only remove what we can replace in the same day. We also use tarps for unexpected emergencies. If for some reason your roof cannot be replaced in the same day, we will make it water-tight before we leave for the evening.
  • Does your company have insurance?
    Yes, CMAC Roofing carries a 5M liability policy to protect our customers. In addition, all of our roofing contractors carry their own liability policy, which provides you dual coverage. CMAC Roofing’s insurance company has software, which verifies our roofing contractor’s liability coverage to insure each liability policy is current.
  • Do you provide a warranty on your work?
    Aero offers a 5-year workmanship (labor) warranty. Manufacturer’s product warranties vary from 25 years to lifetime a warranty depending upon the products you select for your home.
  • Do you have homeowner customer references?
    Yes, CMAC Roofing has many satisfied customers around the DFW area. We’ll be happy to provide you a list of references to call to ask about the quality of our workmanship, clean up, and customer service.
  • Will I have to replace gutters and downspouts at the same time?
    If your gutters are in good shape, our roofers will work around them. In some situations, our crews will have remove your gutters and reinstall them once your roof is complete. If your gutters are damaged and need to be replaced we can provide a quote on installing new gutters for your home.
  • Do you do business in this area or follow hail storms?
    CMAC Roofing is a locally owned and a veteran operated company. We do business all over the DFW Metroplex. CMAC Roofing does not chase storms all over the state. All of our business is local and is generated from customer referrals, direct marketing and social media.
  • What happens if I have rotten wood?
    If during the process of replacing your roof shingles we discover you have rotten decking, we will replace as needed. It is extremely hard to determine if you have rotten wood and to what extent until we actually replace your shingles. We cannot shingle over rotten wood because the nails will not hold. We will set a pre-determine price for a sheet of plywood in our contract should that occur. We make every effort to avoid any surprises to our customers.
  • How do you file an insurance claim? What is the next step?
    After we complete your free drone inspection, which will show you all the roof, gutter and collateral damage. We can then make a determination if you have a legitimate claim. If so, all you do is make one call to your insurance company to report an insurance claim. Provide your agent CMAC Roofing’s contact information and we will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company from meeting with the insurance adjuster, to overcoming price and scope of work discrepancies and invoicing the insurance company when the job is complete.
  • How long will it take to finish my project?
    A roof replacement project, will take an average of 2-7 days for tear off, roof replacement, and for a complete, detailed clean-up. The timeline will vary according to the number of squares of shingles, roof grade, roof pitch and roofing product selected for your roof. Then add one day if you’re adding new gutter replacement.
  • Do you use roofing subcontractors?
    Yes. CMAC Roofing has strict criteria, which must be met to become a trusted contractor. We utilize various roofing contractors to insure we have the right roofing contractor, which is best suited to the roofing products which,you select for your home. All CMAC Roofing contractors will have a minimum of twenty years of experience in the roofing industry.
  • How does your company handle removal of trash from the home site?
    CMAC Roofing is extremely meticulous about our customer’s property clean-up. We usually have a trash dumpster on site to dispose of all the roof removal trash. Additionally, we go over your property multiple times daily with a magnetic nail sweeper. We take every possible precaution to protect you, your property, children and your pets.
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