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Asphalt Roofing in Dallas

Year after year, your roof takes a lot of wear and tear damage. Leaks, fading, and roof debris clogging your gutters? It may be time to call CMAC Roofing and discuss your home’s largest asset. Our asphalt roofing experts are ready to help! Since 2017 our team of master roofers have been helping homeowners in Dallas with the ins and outs of their roof replacement and repairs. No matter what time and mother nature have thrown at your home, you can rest assured that CMAC Roofing has seen it before and knows exactly how to help.
Considering asphalt roofing for your roof repair project? Our expert team of Dallas roofers are here to help you!
With years of experience working on asphalt roofs, you can confidently hire us to take care of your Dallas home. Whether you have questions about underlayment, shingle material and installation, or complex techniques around pipe flashing and skylights, you can trust CMAC Roofing to have the answers. Get the maximum durability from your new roof with expert installation and top resourcing for your asphalt roofing materials.

Your Dallas Asphalt Roofing Team

CMAC Roofing has been helping DFW homeowners with roofing projects since 2017 and that includes extensive experience with asphalt roofing. We know the only way to complete the job is with top quality asphalt shingles and an expert team to install them. We only source our materials from the top producers, and you can be confident that after 20 years, our team can tackle any project. And since we’ve been in Dallas since 2017, we know exactly which materials and techniques will work best for your DFW located home.
CMAC Roofing offers a stellar roofing experience and benefits:
  • Improved energy efficiency: Creating a sound seal for your home, a new roof can greatly reduce the energy costs throughout the year, while keeping you and your family comfortable.

  • Durability: We only source the top asphalt shingles, so you know your roof will last.

  • Safety: With a high resistance to wind, storm, and combustion damage, nothing will be safer for your Dallas home!

  • Weather Proofing: Whether it’s burning summer heat, or the chance hail storm, your new asphalt roof can stand up to the element!

  • Fresh Curb Appeal: Love the look of your new asphalt roof!

  • Attentive customer care: We take pride in taking care of our clients! We are here to answer questions for you at any step in your project’s life cycle.

If your roof could use some attention or you’re ready for a full asphalt roof replacement, call CMAC Roofing at 214-206-4052 today! We are here to answer any questions you may have!

Why CMAC Roofing for your Dallas asphalt roof?

Any size roofing project can be daunting, but that’s where CMAC Roofing can help! Your neighbors have been trusting us with their Dallas roofing projects since 2017, just take a look at our project gallery to see how an asphalt roof can improve your home!  We can help you achieve the amazing curb appeal of these homes while making the process as painless as possible. Our customer support team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your roofing project.
Every project that CMAC Roofing undertakes is unique. We know there is no one solution for every Dallas home! That’s why we analyse each project before determining how best to tackle it! Our team is dedicated to a flawless installation of your new asphalt roof with minimal surprises and stress!
If you’ve come this far, it means it’s time to give us a call at 214-206-4052 to discuss how CMAC Roofing can help you on your asphalt roof project! Or you can fill out the simple form on our site for us to contact you!


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