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Reasons For A New Roof

Reasons for a New Roof for Greater Dallas

Reasons For a New Roof in Dallas

A roof isn’t indestructible, and there are many reasons that upgrading and replacing yours may benefit your home. A new roof can add several benefits to your Dallas home, and CMAC Roofing knows how to make them last! So don’t put off a roof replacement until it is too late, call us today to see if your home is ready for a new roof!
These are some of the top reasons for looking into a new roof for your home:
Home Value
The real estate value and curb appeal of your home are greatly impacted by the quality and style of your roof! If you’re doing renovations or considering selling your home, a new roof will provide a clean look as well as protection from the elements. Breath new life into an old home with a modern roof installed with the highest quality materials and expertly executed state of the art techniques. Throw in a coat of paint and you have a brand new home!

Upgrade to new roofing technology

Is your roof Energy Star rated? Now it can be! New shingles and improved roofing techniques can now be used to reduce your energy bills! By reflecting the sun’s heat in the summer, and insulating your home in the winter, a new roof installed by the experts at CMAC Roofing can reduce both your heating and cooling costs!

Old and Worn Roofs

A traditional asphat roof can last from 15 to 25 years, but there are lots of factors that can impact your roofs longevity. Storm damage, ice, hail or even possible mold can result in a shorter life span for your roof.
So any of these sound like your roof? It may be time to think about a replacements.
  • Shingles with evidence of moss or mildew growth

  • Irregular coloring  due to worn or missing shingles

  • Sags or buckling in the roofline

  • Granules found in gutters and spouts

These problems can worsen over time and lead to major issues. Problems like rotted framing, leaks or mold can cause structural and safety concerns for your entire home if they go unchecked.

Weather Damage

CMAC Roofing has seen the day to day climate and the once in a blue moon storms that can cause damage to your Dallas roof. Winds removing shingles, bald patches left by hail or sun damage, even the rare lightning strike – we’ve been repairing roof damage like this in DFW for over 20 years. Storms can be a major cause of roof damage, so it is always beneficial to get an expert’s opinion if you suspect your roof may be in danger.
Complete a major remodeling project
You’ve just completed a huge renovation project? Congratulations! Don’t let this beautiful addition to your home be overshadowed by a dingy old roof! Create an even more incredible space in your home by adding skylights and dormers to your home! These features bring in natural light and enhance almost any style choices you’ve made in your home. Let CMAC Roofing help elevate your Dallas home so it’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside!

Trusted roofing experts in Dallas to install your new roofing system

When it comes time to replace your roof or even just a simple repair job, CMAC Roofing is here to deliver a high-quality roof for a fair price. From installation to cleanup we are here to answer questions and create a home that you’re proud of.
It’s time for a new roof! Give us a call or fill out our online form to get a roof replacement quote today!


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